From Brain Fog to Beast Mode: How Nootropic Pre-Workouts Can Transform Your Workouts

From Brain Fog to Beast Mode: How Nootropic Pre-Workouts Can Transform Your Workouts

Most of us are pretty familiar with pre-workouts and how they can help improve our performance while working out by increasing energy and offering improved muscle strength and recovery.  What you may be wondering is how nootropics can work as a preworkout?

Nootropic pre-workouts work slightly differently than your standard pre-workout because they are designed to improve your brain rather than just your body. And let’s face it, working out takes just as much mental strength, focus, and commitment than it does physical strength. Sometimes finding the motivation to workout can be half the battle. 

Consuming nootropics in your preworkout can take your workouts to a whole new level. Here we break down some of the main benefits of consuming nootropic pre-workouts and the positive effects it can have on your workout. 


  1. Improves Cognitive Function

When you think back and consider your best training sessions, focus, energy, motivation and stress resistance play a huge role. In order to reach peak performance physically, all of these things make a difference. Oftentimes, our cognitive function is overlooked when considering what pre workout is right for you. 

Nootropics help increase brain health by increasing attention, focus, mental clarity and mental energy. From a scientific standpoint, nootropics activate and protect neurons and help move more blood and oxygen to the brain. This brain boosting effect allows you to train harder, faster, and smarter by increasing focus, clarity while you train. You will notice you get much more done when taking a nootropic pre-workout because you will feel much more focused.

2. Reduce the Rate in Which You Feel Mentally Fatigued

Energy Explosion contains the nootropic: L-Theanine. This nootropic helps to reduce jitters and slashes the crash you sometimes feel after consuming caffeine. L-Theanine is a natural nootropic that helps improve focus. Additionally, consuming L-Theanine in your pre workout will help increase the activity of your brain which helps to improve your creativity. It will sharpen your attention, alertness, and focus.

3. Increases Motivation

Finding the motivation to get a good workout can be a struggle some days. During training sessions, the ability to start and complete a task is necessary in order to be productive. Motivation is determined by several factors including how tired you may be, your environment, your sleep, and more. 

Nootropics can help increase the production of neurotransmitters and enzymes. Both of these are involved with motivation. Increasing the production of neurotransmitters and enzymes directly correlates with increased motivation during your training sessions.

4. Enhances Endurance and Increased Power Output

When your mental focus and clarity increases, you are able to work harder for longer. As your mental focus increases with the consumption of nootropics, you will notice you are able to work harder for longer during your workouts without getting distracted. With this new found focus, you will be able to reach new levels in your workouts and achieve higher reps and lift more weight.

5. Heightens Mood

When is being in a good mood ever a bad thing? Nootropics are researched to help improve your mood. Energy Explosion contains Bacopa which is a powerful antioxidant. It directly helps to enhance other brain antioxidants like glutathione. This promotes brain chemicals that are associated with focused thinking, clear memory, and a healthy mood. All factors that will improve your training sessions by keeping you focused and improving energy. 


Now you can understand how a preworkout with nootropics, like Energy Explosion can benefit your workouts.


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