Meet the Founder

Nathalia Melo is a mother, a wife, and someone who has been heavily involved in fitness for 25 years. She has won the most prestigious bodybuilding competition in the world- The Olympia, and has graced the cover of major fitness magazines like Muscle & Fitness Hers, Shape Magazine, and Fitness RX.

About Nathalia

Our Story

During Nathalia’s time as a competitive athlete, she worked with many supplement companies, and although they were reputable companies, it always felt like something was missing. It became increasingly hard for her to be a spokesperson for these companies as there were expectations for her to advertise products she didn’t believe in, didn’t truly know the origin and benefits of the products as well as the uncertainty on what kind of customer support her community was going to receive.

She made the decision to step away from being a spokesperson for supplement companies, so she had the freedom to recommend what she truly believed her community needed… And, that’s when she realized that she couldn’t find anything she truly believed in and stood behind.

Finally, it was time to stop searching and instead, she created her own….and THAT is how Mbody Supps was created!