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Energy Explosion

Energy Explosion

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The best jitter free pre-workout for those wanting to level up their training performance and results. Energy Explosion is a clinically dosed energy boosting and focus driven pre-workout, formulated with 220g of caffeine and L-Theanine to avoid jitters and crashing. It provides ongoing energy, focus, and alertness.


L-Theanine - reduces jitters, slashes crashing

Huperzine - boosts mental energy, improves brain performance




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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Juliana Arias
Energy rush with no funny side effects

I have tried a lot of pre workouts and they had either weird taste or funny feelings in my arms and legs throughout the day... BUT THIS ONE HAS NONE OF THAT! Disolved perfectly, delicious taste and energy rush to kill your workout, not a 5, I'll give it a 20!

S. T.

One of the only preworkouts I’ve used that didn’t give me that jittery itchy feeling like others but gave me energy and helped me stay focused during and after my workouts. Highly recommend! Flavor is great and pretty subtle. Not an overbearing or fake taste.

Pam McKelroy
Amazing product

I drink this before my workouts and drank it before my first sprint Triathlon last week! I felt amazing! Increase energy without the jittery feeling. Will definitely continue this before my workouts and definitely recommend this